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Hello my readers! Sorry to have kept you waiting. You would not believe what i’ve been through this month. First there was a giant snow storm that trapped me and my family for weeks. We tried digging our way out but came upon an ancient Elvin city where I was crowned King. Unfortunately King of the Elves also meant “he who sits atop a throne of thorns all day and gets his love life determined by a senile sage.” That didn’t jive with my 21st century American ideals so we ran away. We ended up making our way across volcanoes, deserts, tundra, and even a maze the size of North America. Eventually we hitchhiked home and here I am, relaying the story to you now.

Of course, if you believed any of that, you were probably born yesterday. Considering all of you who tolerate my blog are smart enough to fight your way out of a paper bag, I really should stop talking in circles and get to the point.

And that is I’m sorry for not updating. I promised I’d get around the finishing the Publishing Institute by August, yet, low and behold, it’s the 31st and I still have 6 more entries to write. As such I will try to make up for lost time and publish as many of these as I can. It’s the least I can for those of you who waited patiently for another blog post.

So without further ado: I’m back! And I’m not going anywhere anytime soon!

For those of you who are still steamed, here is another blog I found that lists fantastic writing resources:

Check him out, he’s got some great stuff.

If that doesn’t make up for it, then here: have some cute animals.

And my favorite:

They’re like little bear foxes!

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